Why build a system for innovation

While the debate of innovation being art or science is still raging on we have to admit that not everyone in a large company is going to be a ‘Steve Jobs’. And nothing’s wrong with that. Also, independent of how much your HR department is struggling to attract the best innovation talent, the company will […]

Telcos’ second chance

The dawn of a new technological revolution is upon us. 5G will impact our lives in more ways than we think. Unlike its predecessors though, 5G is a technological paradigm shift, probably similar only to the shift from typewriter to computer. 5G will become the enabler of an entire ecosystem of fully connected intelligent sensors […]

Corporate-startup collaboration checklist

This article was initially published on The Future Shapers where I am a regular contributor. With the increased need to diversify their innovation enabling vehicles, more and more corporations are drawn on the startup partnership path. Make no mistake, this is not a single-sided deal, chief executive officers of both corporates and start-ups share the common strategic goals […]

Introducing the innovation management matrix

To properly manage innovation, we need a new way to identify the different types When looking at the innovation maturity within a company, the existence of different definitions for innovation is an important criterion. The acknowledgement that there are multiple types of innovation and we should treat these types differently. Because we all agree that […]

An executive summary of The Corporate Startup

Rendering of The Corporate Startup

(This article was initially distributed as temporary exclusive content to The Corporate Startup newsletter subscribers. If you want to be part of our mailing list, you can subscribe with your email address here. We send a maximum 2 newsletter every month offering curated articles and exclusive content) How many times have you had to explain the […]

Large Companies Will Be The Biggest Beneficiaries Of The Lean Startup Movement

A lot of commentary around innovation and disruption takes it as a given that startups own the future. Compared to corporate giants, startups are nimble and agile. Such a “startup culture” is necessary for the creation of breakthrough products and services. Recent history seems to bears this out. We have seen several large companies such […]

Eight Ways To Create Space For Innovation

In a previous article, I wrote about the myth of the innovation lab and how intrapreneurs need to focus a good proportion of their time on stakeholder management. A reality that we cannot deny is that innovators who work in established companies face immense cultural challenges. It is these challenges that often trigger the creation of innovation […]

The Myth Of The Innovation Lab

Innovation labs have become popular as a way for established corporates to manage innovation. A quick search of the term “innovation labs” on Google news reveals quite a large number of innovation labs being opened on a monthly basis. It appears that companies are finding innovation labs to be a good way to explore new […]

Stop guessing how risky your Riskiest Assumptions are

Tape a Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas on a wall, grab a large stack of post-it notes and pile of sharpies, invite all the stakeholders. That’s it! You’re ready to hold the first business modelling session for the product you’ve been assigned to help resurrect. You’ve done this before and you know that you’ll get a canvas filled […]

Innovation Teams Must Answer These Six Questions Before Launching A Product

In previous posts, I have defined innovation as the combination of creative ideas with sustainably profitable business models. While it is good that companies invest in R&D, there is also the need to find “the architecture of revenues” for all the breakthrough products we are working on. This means that innovation teams should spend time searching for […]